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I offer a complete freelance writing service to both individuals and business. I also work on my own solo projects and am currently writing a crime fiction novel.

Contact me for more information and a quote for help with any of the following:
Ghost writing
Social media content
Promotional/marketing material
Bids and Nominations
Proof Reading and feedback

Release Your Happy

One to One Coaching Sessions

I offer friendly and professional one to one sessions at a time convenient to you. I offer coaching that empowers you towards lasting and effective change. I can help you to change your old patterns and habits and replace them with more effective strategies for a happier, more productive and fulfilled life.

Please contact me for help with:
Personal Development
Decision Making
Career/Life Change
Stress management
Interpersonal Communication
Depression/ill health
Personal Challenges

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Release Your Happy

Group Relaxation Classes

Relaxation techniques have many proven health benefits, even the NHS website provides downloads and advice on the subject. I offer friendly group classes, where you can leave the stresses of modern living behind and learn how to incorporate powerful relaxation techniques into your daily life.

The benefits of relaxation include:
Physical and emotional wellbeing
Reduces the stress hormone cortisol
Improves brain function
Boosts immune system
Helps with sleep problems
Assists with pain management
Can help control high blood pressure
Aids positive thinking and a brighter mood
Feels Great!

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Victoria Hocquard

I am a fully qualified NLP Practitioner, Writer and Life Coach.

I chose to take a change in career and became interested in studying alternative therapies when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after my son was born.

Since qualifying people have seen a real difference in me, not only with energy and pain management but also in my happy outlook on life.

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Contact me today and let me help you to Release Your Happy!

Mobile: 07584 075669

Victoria Hocquard
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