Victoria Hocquard
NLP Practitioner.
Life Coach.

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I have had a varied and successful career starting in finance and buying and then most recently in special needs education.

I am married and have a wonderful son and my ever-present companions Bertie and Humphrey the Cocker Spaniels. I have always written since an early age and have completed three novels to date. I have also always been an active member of writing, publication and feedback groups. Although I was born in Sussex and spent my early childhood in my parents hometown nr Newcastle-Upon-Tyne I have lived the majority of my life in and around Devizes in Wiltshire.

I like many people had come to terms with the fact that life was hard work. I had been struggling with my physical health for years and working ever harder in my careers. Although I felt extremely lucky, life felt like a struggle.

I became interested in studying relaxation and meditation when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after my son was born. This interest finally galvanized into action, when my doctor referred me to the Royal Hospital for Rheumatic diseases in Bath and I started my NLP Practitioners course at the fabulous Martinsell Centre nr Pewsey.

Simultaneously, I was learning about the enormous positive effect the brain has on physical health. What was incredible was that I was hearing the same things from medical professionals and a highly skilled and hugely experienced NLP Master Trainer. During the months of my training, I found that my health was improving and as I practice what I preach, my health continues to get better and better.

Since qualifying people have seen a difference in me, not only with energy and pain levels but also in my happy outlook on life.

I no longer feel that life is hard, or a struggle to be endured or survived, I know that life is a wonderful gift to be savoured and enjoyed every day.

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Victoria Hocquard
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