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Relaxation not only feels wonderful but has many proven health benefits too

My classes offer an environment where you can leave all the stresses of everyday living behind and learn techniques that are easy to blend into your daily routine.

Using a variety of breathing, visualization and guided relaxation practices we learn how to achieve deep relaxation. We also master approaches that allow us to more easily access this relaxed state when we most need it; in everyday living. Using the pre-supposition that the ‘Body and Mind are one systemic process’ we can re-train our brains and therefore our bodies to more effectively deal with the rigours of daily life. Relaxation balances the mind and the body, leading to a healthier, happier life.

In class, relaxation can be just as easily achieved in either a seated or lying position.

Therefore I would recommend that you…
Wear lose, comfortable warm clothing.
Bring a yoga/exercise/aerobic mat or sleeping bag (if you chose to lie down)
Bring a blanket or throw (it is surprising how chilly you can get even on a warm day being still)
Have with you a cushion or pillow for neck/knee support if required

Classes run on consecutive weeks term time only and are payable in advance.

Classes are charged at a rate of £7

Please see my Facebook Page and local press for details and times of classes.

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you.

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